Fulcrum Residential Services | Lifestyle Concierge
At Fulcrum Residential Services we support individuals and families by helping them maintain optimal work and life balance. With a wide range of personalized and tailored services we assist our clients by successfully and discreetly absorbing various tasks and assisting in the management of daily life, activities, events and situations.
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Lifestyle Concierge

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The Lifestyle Management Team

Striving to provide all clients with a high level of personal services by customizing services to fit every need to your life. With our vast supplier network, we are an unparalleled asset in your life. We exist to give our client their most valuable advantage.


More time – less stress – more access to the city

Retail Service

Let us bring the best designers and stylist to you. With our network of well cultivated relationships we offer you the best in the industry. Let our personal shoppers handle your retail needs.

Fresh Flowers

Nothing makes a home more inviting than the smell and sight of fresh flowers. Let us coordinate the delivery of fresh flowers as often as you'd like using your personal flower vessels.

Commercial Development Services

Contract with us and allow us to elevate the living experience for your residents by bringing amazing lifestyle services to your housing and condo community.

Event Services

Our experienced team works with event organizers and coordinators to offer onsite support, coordination logistics and handling the total experience. We manage and organize caters, florist, venue, organize valet services, housekeeping before and after events. We work with the best chefs for private dinners to Sommeliers to bring you the best in wine and champagne to taste in the privacy of your home or office.


Let us help you organize your home, facilitating the move-in to your new home or office with teams to help you quickly set up household and execute a hotlist of all the services you will need in your neighborhood. Services include recommending a trusted handyman, window designers, audio technicians, interior designers, art work installation, landscape designers, space planners and much more.

Away and Return Services

While you are away you should feel confident that your residence is cared for. We will perform daily checks on your residence and send you updates. We will also prepare your residence for your return by restocking food and beverages, turning down beds and we can even have meals prepared and ready to serve.

Entertainment Services

We have a long list of entertainers to entertain you and your guest for your planned event.